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Homdox-XT Adjustable Armrest Mesh Executive Office Ergonomic Chair



  • Product Description
  • Homdox Office High Back Ergonomic Chair;adjustable Height from 44-1/10 inches to 48 inches;it is made of high density and high strength polyester mesh material and soft foam padded mesh seat thus you can still feel cool and breathable when sitting on it,which is also pasted the 3M test ,that is prevent fire and dirty
  • You just attach your headrest easily, sitting on our Homdox Office High Back Ergonomic Chair--your new office throne, and instantly enjoy heightened support for your back, neck, and shoulder;then you'll immediately feel a sense of relife since this innovative designed cushion catches the weight of your body, allowing you to work in peace for the 8 hours or more that you put in every day instead of toleration
  • The seat on these chairs is scooped in design to ensure you sit centrally and gain the desired support from the complimenting shape of the backrest. The front edge of the seat has a waterfall front, which ensures minimum pressure is placed on your legs during prolonged seated periods. The seat is deep cushioned and upholstered in a durable breathable mesh fabric and soft foam
  • Curve Design for backrest according to human S pattern Ergonomic theory. The T shaped arm is height adjustable and has been topped with a comfortable sculptured pad, which has been formed to allo maximum support for your arms. Contemporary ergonomic mesh high back home and office chair, designed to provide exceptional high back support and to prevent body heat and moisture build up
  • It has pasted SGS and BIMFA test to gurantee its quality,1-year manuafactory gurantee